Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Festival Olympics

So a couple of years ago a friend and myself put together a little Fringe Drinking Game for people to work their way through on a quiet night in Edinburgh. It seemed to go down pretty well so I thought it might be time for some kind of sequel...

Of course, this year is an Olympic year - a time when the world comes together to forget about oppression and illegal arms trading and celebrate what dirty money and cheap labour can get built. Go Sports!

So, in honour of this occasion I have started trying to put together a Fringe Festival Olympics - a collection of festival-specific sporting activities for all the family. This is what I have so far:

The Royal Mile Sprint

A straight race between the two giant arches along the central stretch of the Royal Mile. First past the post is the winner, except:

No running, walking only please.
If anyone offers you a flyer you have to turn around, go back to the beginning and start again.

The Fringe Programme Hustle

Open the fringe programme to a random double page. You must collect a flyer or some kind of advertising material for every show on this page of the programme. First back with the full lot is the winner.

The Great B-Movie Hunt

You have half an hour to find the following:

1) A Bride
2) A Zombie
3) A Robot
4) A Queen
5) A Soldier
6) A Cheerleader
7) A Wrestler
8) A Nun
9) A Doctor/Nurse
10) An Alien

The person who can get the most of these figures in a single photograph wins.

The Living Statue Play-Off

Line yourselves up along the street as a series of living statues. The person with the most (or probably any) Money after half an hour wins.

The Self-Promotion Challenge

Create flyers advertising yourself as a show at the Edinburgh Fringe. The title of the show is your name. The image for the show is a photograph of you. You can be creative with blurb and quotes. At the bottom of the flyer you must include the line ‘Text “I Love [Your Name]” to [Your Mobile Number] for 2 free tickets”

The first person to receive this text message wins.


So that's a start, but we need more! And that's where you come in. Please feel free to add your submissions in the comments. The final list of games will be printed up and will be available from Forest Fringe throughout the festival.


Alex MD said...

Hows about. . .

The Journeyman

Set a record for the number of times you can see the same comedian perform in one day. Start at one of the lunchtime chat shows, catch their own show, follow them as they go cap in hand around late and live, spank etc.

Bonus points if you use the same heckle at every performance.

Grunts for the Arts said...

Hello there, a friend directed me towards you - if you're interested, Grunts for the Arts has done a few art olympics type events in the past.
You might find some inspiration at

Good luck with it all,

Helen Smith said...

Find an indigenous Scottish person who is not connected to any of the shows on the Fringe. Ask for their recommendations about what to see. If they don't recommend the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, collect a point.

Hope all is going well there. Good to see Lynn Gardner has visited you and recommended one of your shows xx